First Category

Individual lessons are paid in advance on the basis of 4 classes a month (exception for December and April: 2 classes). Should you miss a class due to illness covered by a medical certificate, arrangements will be made with your teacher to take the lesson at a later stage during the year. We will not refund classes. Payments must be made by the 10th of the month following receipt of the invoice.

Second Category

Group lessons are paid quarterly in advance (September-December, January-March, April- June). In the event a pupil cannot attend a group lesson, we'll ensure he/she can attend the same class on a different schedule (Prior arrangement will have to be confirmed with the teacher). For that reason, we do not reimburse group lessons. Pupils who attend more than one group lesson can pay monthly in advance (as opposed to quarterly).

Registration fees

There is a 25 € registration fee per school year. The fee is per pupil, regardless how many courses (individual or group) they attend (eg 1 course: 25 €, 2 courses: 25 € etc.). Compte bancaire. Upon registration, you will receive an invoice (note de débit) with our account details.