Simonova Margarita


Piano - Solfége - Improvisation - Composition

Margarita Simonova was born in Krasnodar, south of Russia, in the third generation of musicians. Her grand-mother -Assiat Umarova- and her mother - Inna Simonova- were piano teachers in the Music pedagogic college. 

Margarita started to play piano even befor she was 4, under control of her grand-mother. Two years later, when her family has moved to Kaliningrad, she enters the music school of D.Shostakovich in the class of leading teacher I.A.Ridel. 

Her talent brought her at a very young on the stage of many Russian and international competitions where she became a laureate. 

The city of Kalinigrad, ancient Königsberg (German city) - totally isolated Russian territory on the Baltic sea has an old european culture with old catholic churches and beautiful cathedral where Margarita was attracted by the sound of organ. So, she starts to take lessons of organ and that develops her love of baroque music,especially the music of I.S.Bach that till now she interprets on piano very profoundly and unique. 

Following her family, she moved to Brussels in 2003 where she continued her study at the Royal Conservatory with great pianists such as Segrey Leschenko, Dominique Cornil, Alexander Madzar, Piet Kuijken and Frans Van Beveren from Lemmensinstituut of Leuven. 

In 2011 she performed in the charity concert "Voyage à l'Epoque du Romantisme" at the Russian-Belgian cultured center. 

Margarita is a founding member of Russian music school of Rimsky-Korsakov.

Tatiana Chernysheva-Hée


Classical & Modern Vocal - Solfége - First steps in music - Choir - Opera Studio

Mezzo-Soprano / Contralto

Tatiana Hée was born in St. Petersburg. From the age of 7, she began learning piano in the class of professor L.V.Nebesnova at the music school in St. Petersburg where her teacher discovered in her a tremendous ability and love for singing. Four years later, after having finished school with great distinction as a pianist, Tatiana dedicated her life to singing. She joined the Music Conservatory of Rimsky-Korsakov in St.Petersburg, and attended the class of Professor Georgy Seleznev.

Her unique mezzo-soprano/contralto voice earned the key roles in exciting productions. In 2002 Tatiana made her debut with in the role of Cherubino in the opera “Le Nozze di Figaro” at the opera-theatre of the Conservatory of Rimsky-Korsakov. Since 2003 Tatiana has given singing lessons and has formed a first steps in music group (l’éveil musicale) for little children at her first music academy in Leningrad.

In September 2009 she performed a tour of concerts in Germany. After receiving her diploma of Master in Singing in St. Petersburg Tatiana decides to continue her studies in Belgium. She entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, initially in the class professor Marcel Vanaud, and then that of Dinah Bryant.During this time, she interpreted the role of the brother of ” Petit Pouce” in the fairy-opera of Louis Aubert «La foret bleue» at the Royal Opera of Wallonie.

She also participated in the project “Laborintus of Luciano Berio”,and had the opportunity to sings Russian folk songs arranged by Balakirev with the simphonique orchestra of Conservatory.

In 2010-2011, she participated in the charity concerts “Voyage au coeur de la Russie” and “Voyage à l’Epoque du Romantisme”, which aimed to support orphan children in Russia and Ukraine.

In 2014-2015 she entered the Lemmensinstituut of Leuven in the class professor Johan Uytterschaut and she participated in the projects "Cosi Sparlan Tutte" and "Quand Les Extremes Se Touchent"

Tatiana continues to run her pedagogic practice at Rimsky-Korsakov Academy where she gives lessons in vocal techniques, solfege, first steps in music and musical theatre. Her class is always full because children are moved by her positive energy, warm nature and desire to share her joy and love for music.

Tatiana is a founding member of Academy of Music and Arts Rimsky-Korsakov.

Inna Simonova


Piano - Solfége

Inna Simonova was born in Grozny (capital of the Chechen Republic of Russian Federation). Her mother was a musician pianist and she had been taught music since childhood. At the age of 6 Inna entered the music school, the best music school of the city where she made the big progresses. After the music school she continued her piano study at the Musical Institute of Grozny in the class of professor Gaber Dora Isakovna. 

Inna has been teaching piano for 25 years, starting at the Musical College of Grozny, then at the Music School of Kaliningrad before moving to Belgium. Her pedagogic talent, professionalism and special personal approach to each child keeps her always surrounded by many pupils. 

Assiat Umarova


Piano - Solfége - Russian Language for Children and Adults

Assiat Umarova was born on Caucasus. 

From age of 8 she started play piano in the music school and in the same time study the classical dance in the choreography school.After having finished both schools,Assiat has entered the music college of Vladikavkaz ,the class of piano.After musical college,she has finished the Musical and Pedagogical Institut of Krasnodar,also specialisation of piano. 

Assiat Umarova worked at Pedagogical college of Buynaksk,Republic of Dagestan, Russia , leading the classes of piano and accordion. 

From 1959 to 1992 Assiat worked in Pedagogical college of Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russia teaching the piano,rhythmic,method of musical education in kindergartens (children's games, singning,dances,group animator ) 

Assiat Umarova has the Excellence in Education of the USSR and she is the veteran of labor. 

Bella Maryanchik


Piano - Solfége - Theory of music - Jazz Improvisation - History of Art

Bella Maryanchik was born in Kaliningrad (former Königsberg) in the family of University professors. Already in her early childhood her parents taught her to love arts often taking her to opera and concerts of classical music as well as to art museums.
 With three years of age she began to show her interest in music by playing melodies by ear without knowing any music notes at that time. It was in her early school years that she decided to become a professional musician. As one of the best students of the D.Shostakovich music school she was a participant of а Youth contest of the Western Zone of the country and became its Second Prize winner. With enthusiasm Bella took part in a great number of so called educational concerts and that way she could perform on the biggest platforms of the city.
 Bella's musical passions were lying in various areas. She was also fond of jazz music and played within a jazz orchestra at a jazz festival.
 One of Bella's favourite genres is chamber music. At the age of 12 she was awarded the First Prize at a Youth contest of piano ensembles. Having finished with honours the music school Bella entered the Rachmaninov music college, class of Vladimir Slobodyan, an Honored Artist of the RF and a renowned Russian concertmaster whose music accompaniment was highly appreciated by many famous opera singers, Irina Archipova ( the prominent star of the Bolshoy Theatre) and Irina Borodina (the soloist of the Mariinsky Opera Theatre) among them. Slobodyan's unique teaching system based on the best traditions of the St. Petersburg conservatory has provided for Bella's own pianistic style ascending to the "Russian school" of pianism. Besides her recitals, she most willingly took part in chamber music concerts. She learned the art of chamber ensemble from her teacher Irina Krivitskaya, a master of ensemble. Bella's concert repertoire contained not only violin and piano ensembles but also vocal music. She performed with a known Russian singer Vladimir Zhukov. On graduating from the college with honours Bella became a student of professor A.Utrobin at the St.Petersburg conservatory affiliate in Petrozavodsk. She continued her education at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. Her teacher there was an American pianist Allan Sternfeld, the Head of the Department of Piano, who performed with the best orchestras all over the world. She gained from him his fundamental pedagogical principles: relentless perfecting of all details in interpreting any piece of music, painstaking work on small details and subtle nuances, work on style and form and a whole system of methods enabling to achieve stability in performing before an audience.

 Along with mastering the art of solo performance Bella never missed an opportunity to practise chamber music by working with well known musicians such as Emanuel Gruber - the Principal chellist of the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, and the winner of the Pablo Casals Prize. In the class of piano-duo Bella was taught by the oldest professors of the Jerusalem Academy of Music: Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir whose piano duet is known world wide.
 After completing her education Bella made a decision to become a teacher seeking to convey the precious experience of her great teachers over to beginner pianists and to all those who love chamber music.  Over 15 years of teaching music in Brussels to pupils of different ages, with different initial skills, speaking different languages brought her a solid pedagogical experience. An individual approach to every pupil, enhancing of the pupil's cultural background, development of his musical taste and interest in music are the general pedagogical basics Bella is committed to. She also considers and pursues such important objectives as to teach a pupil to efficiently organise his home drills, to give him some methods or tips helping to overcome certain difficulties. All that is done by her is aimed at inspiring her pupils to love music, at cultivating them the desire to play music and be heard. 

Renata Kambarova


Flute - Recorder - Solfége - First steps in music - Chamber Music

Renata Kambarova was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

She began to study music at the age of six in V. A. Uspensky Music School in Tashkent, as a student in Igor Arkadievich’s recorder class, her very first teacher who gave her the love of music. 

In 1999 she moved to Belgium, where she followed different musical and artistic courses. She continued the recorder in the class of baroque recorder of Jean-Pierre Boullet, who gave her a better comprehension of interpretation and styles. It was the time when she was encouraged to take part at the JMusiciens competition of 2001, where she was 

awarded third place in the television final in Brussels. 

After this successful experience she finally decided to study the flute in the class of Françoise Martin and then Christelle Arimont at the Grétry Music Academy in Liège. She also worked in the chamber music classes of Patrick Dheur and Georges Englert. In 2007 she is awarded by the “Concerts Permanents” association for her encouraging studies at the Grétry Music Academy. 

In 2009 at the end of her studies in Grétry she became finalist of the Dexia Classics competition. 

That same year she entered the class of Baudoin Giaux, Isabelle Bialek and Jérémie Fèvre
in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where many interesting master classes were organized, such as those given by Michel Moraguès, Valérie Debaele and Frédéric De Roos. 

Svetlana Goncharova


Theatre - Opera Studio - Regisseur - Producer

Svetlana Goncharova was born in Republic Belarus,Gomel region. 

She has graduated the Minsk Cultural Institute of specialisation the regisseur.Her husband Georgiy Ivanov is the actor and regisseur too,together in 2003 they have moved to Belgium. 

Since 2005 Svetlana is participating as director-producer and guest-teacher in many Russian theatre projects as: "Nash teatr"(our theatre),theatral projects of Evgeniya Gancheva "Veseliy teatr" (joyfull theatre), Belgo-Russian club, children's studio-theatre "TUZ" and Russian organisation "Boulevard russe". 

For the moment Svetlana is the art director and regisseur of Brussel's theatre- studio "MOST". 

"I belive that the theatre is powerful and fine instrument as good for self- discovery as for realising of our potential, as for discovering the world.
I am sincerely convinced,that the use of the theatral method's during the process of education helps us to find the way to the harmony within ourself's and the harmony with the outside world." 

Svetlana Goncharova 

Tatiana Morgunova


"Ladushki" - First steps in Opera

Tatiana was born in St. Petersburg. When she was 5 years old started to study violin.

At eleven she started a sporting activity with good results. Once she finished secondary school she attended University and took a diplom in physical education.

Tatiana has a great experience in working with children and she worked as a teacher at school; furthermore she became a trainer and organized sporting activities.

In 2013 created a complex programme for little children; this programme is composed by movement, music and games.